candidate for grand island town council

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"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."   JFK

Candidate Cyndy Montana

Our Island needs to continue moving forward!

The issues important to me:

- Preserving Green Space

-Making GI more Family Friendly & Focused

-Supporting Farming on GI

-Smart & Clean Economic Development

-Responsible Tax Money Management

​-Promoting Eco-Tourism

Grand Island is a unique and wonderful place to live!  

With Buffalo in the infancy of a renaissance, Grand Island is going to grow whether we want to or not.  I think it is vital we manage that growth and make sure we don't lose what makes Grand Island so wonderful - the small town feel, the green space, the prestige, the low crime rate…..  

I want to be a part of the town council and work to make Grand Island more representative of all the residents on Grand Island - the families with young children, the small business owners, the retirees, the home owners......  

I have a young family and am very involved in the school system.  I want Grand Island to offer alternatives and support to our teens.  I want to make sure the town we leave our kids and grand kids is something they will be proud of.  

We Listen, We Care, We Work!